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Wind Me Up!

Blown Off Script In a recent “warm-up” for my Fly Gear Gap year in 2018, I was shaking my proverbial fist at the wind, whilst working away at the most astounding cluster BLEEP I've ever seen. Then, I realised my promise to share all such moments with you, in all their...

What The Hell’s A Fly Gear Gap Year?

I hope you will come along with me on what I’m sure will be a journey of self-discovery. I expect that through the tears, I will gain more insight than simply improved fishing skills… and I’m sure through the cussing, you will eventually hear the gleeful sounds of achievement and satisfaction. Let’s all hope so! Let’s also hope that I can inspire and encourage many other fledgling fly-fishers along the way.

These guys have my full trust…

Manic Tackle Project, Airflo, Simms Fishing Products, Waterworks Lamson
Mako Polarised Eyewear





As It’s Happened…